Singita is firmly entrenched in the philosophy of creating a better world for all. The company is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Africa…its wilderness and its people. To date, there are a number of success stories where Singita has made far-reaching changes to empower its neighbors to achieve a sustainable future.



The Bodhi Tree Foundation is enormously proud to serve as the U.S. non-profit arm to The Singita Community Development Trust in South Africa. Singita is committed to a number of conservation and community projects in the areas surrounding its lodges. Social outreach is high on the list of the company’s priorities and the upliftment of neighboring inhabitants is key to Singita values.

In Africa there is a saying that goes “umuntu ugumuntu ugabantu” – a person is a person through other persons. Singita has taken this concept to heart and so have many of its visitors.

Initiatives in South Africa

School of Cooking

Singita Kruger National Park

Enables local, trainee chefs to qualify – after a year-long programme – with a nationally recognized Professional Cooking qualification. Employment is facilitated – either at a Singita lodge kitchen or at other lodges in the Kruger National Park – on graduation.

Teaching & Technology

Singita Sabi Sand

The Teaching & Technology program enables 12 primary schools, and approximately 200 of its teachers, to become technologically informed and connected to the internet – a virtual library, in schools where there are no such facilities. On-line teacher training courses are also a focus.

Growing to Read

Singita Sabi Sand / Kruger National Park

Conducted with twenty early childhood development centres in the local area, the focus of this program is on providing an holistic consulting service to the schools; offering quarterly, teacher and parent training courses; and the provision of educational materials and stationery.

Dreamfields Sports Development

Singita Sabi Sand

Aimed at supporting sport development – namely football and netball – amongst 19 primary and secondary schools in the area surrounding the Sabi Sand Reserve. This involves co-organisation, referee training, funding of the leagues, and the provision of soccer kit for teams.

K9 Anti-Poaching

Singita Sabi Sand

The K9 Anti-Poaching Unit in Singita Sabi Sand is essential in an ongoing quest to stay one step ahead of rhino poachers in Singita’s 45,000-acre concession. Patrols are conducted 24 hours per day throughout the year by professional handlers with tracker dogs, trained to track both animals and humans.

Initiatives in Tanzania – Managed by Singita Grumeti Fund

Wildlife Reintroduction Program

Singita Grumeti

The Singita Grumeti Fund has been actively involved in funding, translocating and reintroducing locally endangered and extinct wildlife species to the region. One of the most important initiatives is The Grumeti Black Rhino project which works towards acquiring black rhinos and growing their population in the Serengeti ecosystem.

Environmental Education Centre

Singita Grumeti

This program works with local students to increase environmental awareness and encourages them to become facilitators and catalysts for change. This is achieved by running week-long courses for secondary school students whose communities border the concession and exposing them to critical environmental issues.

Anti-Poaching & Law Enforcement

Singita Grumeti

The goal is to reduce poaching of wildlife by combining innovation, technology and teamwork. This is achieved by forming several departments that each specialise in key areas, these include a Game Scouts team, Intelligence & informers, a Special Operations Group and Special Projects.


Singita Grumeti

Helps local youths by enhancing their education to ensure that they have the means to pursue their passion and build successful careers. The types of scholarships provided are for secondary school, vocational studies, education within the conservation and tourism sectors, and for the prestigious Singita School of cooking.


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